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Chi Machine
Original Oxygenating Therapeutic Massager
Classified As A Medical Device via Health Canada
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The Doctors. KCAL-TV9 Chi Machine TV Show
The Doctors will show you the irresistible power of Original Chi Machine and how it helps people to build a better body.

The Chi Machine Therapeutic Massager helps virtually anyone relax & relieve tension with little or no conscious effort. You just lay face-up on the floor with both feet placed in the specially designed footrest. The Chi Machine rocks the entire body from side to side in a gentle undulating motion..
It is the culmination of 38 years of research and development by Dr. Shizuo Inoue, a medical visionary and developer of the world renowned Chi Machine. The patented precision design of this innovative medical device utilizes optimum body positioning to achieve the ultimate relaxation

The Chi Machine can help with
-Lack of exercise & poor circulation
-Tired & sore muscles
-Arthritis, Chronic Pain Syndromes
-Back/Neck Pain
-Restless Leg Syndrome
-Poor Functioning of internal organs
-Poor Digestion & constipation
-Low sex drive
- it's like having a full body external & internal massage
- stimulates the lymphatic system helping to remove toxins/waste
- relieves muscle aches, pains and tension caused by fatigue or overexertion
- increases local blood circulation
-Relaxes muscles, helps take the body out of restricted holding patterns.
-Induces the Alpha wave of relaxation in our brain.
-Provides a unique feeling,
 The Chi Rush
- 5 mins = 1/2 hr. brisk walk
- 10 mins = 1 hr. brisk walk
Far Infrared
Portable Sauna
Classified As A Medical Device via Health Canada
Within the magnetic spectrum,
some rays, such as light, can be seen by the unaided human eye.
Most, however, are totally invisible to us. Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are well beyond the ability the naked eye to see. FIR can gently and delightfully provide
a healing warm feeling.
The Importance of 8~10 micron
Far Infrared Ray:
Normal human body temperature
is 98.6 degrees. Most of our body
heat is typically radiated away as far infrared at the 8 ~ 10 micron
wavelength. (That is why a room full of people becomes warm.) So, if we generate 8 ~ 10 micron far infrared and direct it at a human body, it matches the radiant energy leaving the body and is best for the body overall comfort.

How it works not just topical but on cellular level:The upper Radiant Heating Surface is covered with a very fine multi-faceted acute-angle silicon surface manufactured in New Mexico. When rays are scattered in all directions by the countless surfaces created by the silicon crystals, the effectiveness of the 160-degree span is amplified. The radiant transmission area is increased some 10-fold. It simply wouldn’t be possible to produce the effective healing warmth we achieve without the combination of these two design concepts: proper wavelength and a special reflective silicon surface.
The Far Infrared Portable Sauna can help you with:
- Virtually eliminating pain
in 25 mins
- Reduces muscle strain
-Air pathway to lungs open
- Increase oxygen into cells & carry out carbon dioxide
-Change the acid in the cells to alkaline reducing lactic acid
-Reverses the electromagnet fields from computers, etc.
-Helps decrease inflammation from chronic conditions like arthritis
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